Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Top 5 Nail Polishes

Hey guy, I've been loving doing Top 5...'s lately so I've decided to do another one. This time I'm doing nail polishes. I love having painted nails because they always look lovely although whenever I pain my nails I hate the doing part. It always smudges so I have to go over it and its really annoying. Also the only way i can test if they're dry it to touch it which usually ends with me sighing and having to repaint it as I smudged because it wasn't dry. With that i always get frustrated so i mainly go for fake nails. I know this is bad but its just so easy! The last set I wore wear the Elegant Touch Express nails in Kaleidoscope. To reapply them (as they only lasted i day!) i used the only nail glue i had, Primarks. I suggest you don't use that as it completely ruined my nails for, like, 2 weeks. So i recently went out and bought a boots own nail glue as the elegent touch ones had sold out. I hope this nail glue wont be that bad but if it is the, oh well, it only cost £2.50

The first one on the left is Marks and Spencer Electric Purple
The second one is Rimmel Rita Ora Neon Fest
The middle one is Marks and Spencer The Beauty Emporium
The fourth one is Rimmel Rita Ora Roll In The Grass
The last one is Barry M Gelly nail paint Blueberry


  1. Great post, love the blue color. It's so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful day. xo,Teng