Monday, 12 October 2015

My Top 5 Lipsticks

These are my favourite lipsticks. I think all of these are amazing and totally suit me. These are my favourite because they are the colours I like to wear. Even now in the colder months I still wear nude shades. If you don't like nude shades then I still suggest a couple of these lipsticks. Although i am all in for the nudes I have a couple of brighter ones in here. Like the Estee Lauder one is more of a dark pinky nude. Kate Moss 32 is more orange toned, and my Rimmel 200 is more of a bright pink.
The first one one the left is Rimmel Kate Moss 32
The second one is Rimmel Kate Moss 08
The middle one is Rimmel Kate Moss Nude 45
The fourth one is Rimmel 200 - Latino
The last one is Estee Lauder 17 - Rose Tea
I know 4/5 of them are Rimmel which some could say is good meaning that it is good value whereas others may think i am cheap. Either way I don't care. The last one i love, which is the Estee Lauder one i picked up in a market sale for £4!!! Insane!! 

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